Updated: Friday, April 18th at noon

On Friday at noon the Governor signed a new Executive Order (202.6) that permits members access to play private golf courses.  Olde Kinderhook members who come out to play the course must follow strict social distancing rules.  The buildings remain closed and there is to be no access to restroom facilities. Pursuant to the order it is very important that golfers maintain social distancing guidelines and stay at least six feet away from each other at all times.  Group gatherings of any size remain prohibited.  Members can not gather in groups after the completion of play.  Once you have finished playing please leave the facility.  Guest play is not permitted.
This new order is welcome and good news for our membership.  Please understand that all members must be aware that we do not want to jeopardize this opportunity to play golf and all members must abide by the rules that are currently in place.  We hope that members can get out, relax and enjoy a nice day on the course during these difficult times.    

Summary of Rules

-All members must use the parking lot, please do not park in the circle in front of the club house.  When parking please make sure to keep spaces open between cars
-Social distancing guidelines must be observed at all times.  Golfers must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.
-No group gatherings at the club at anytime, this includes the area in front of the golf shop and the parking lot area
-No guests
-Do not touch the flagsticks, other players golf balls or equipment