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Hole #1  Par 4  400 yards
Olde Kinderhook's first hole is a short par four that provides the golfer a gentle beginning to the round. The hole may be played with either a driver or fairway wood from the teeing area, leaving a short iron approach to the downhill green. Players should favor the left side of the fairway to avoid the two fairway bunkers on the right, affording the best angle to the green.
Hole #2  Par 4  458 yards
This medium length par four is protected on both sides by two sets of fairway bunkers. Although the bunkers may be carried on the left side, flirting with the bunker on the right presents the best angle for the approach shot. The green is open in the front and surrounded by a series of bunkers, with a deep bunker protecting the left-hand side of the complex.
Hole #3  Par 5  602 yards
The longest par five on the golf course is a true, three shot golf hole. The generous landing area for the tee shot allows for an aggressive play from the tee. Players should avoid the set of bunkers on the left-hand side and lay up to a comfortable distance between 100-120 yards; avoiding a cross-bunker on the right-hand side of the fairway, 80 yards from the green. This two-tiered green complex is well protected on the left and right by substantial bunkers making club selection critical to find the proper level of the putting surface.
Hole #4  Par 3  200 yards
This dramatic, downhill par three is guarded by an expansive Sahara bunker on the left-hand side and two bunkers on the right. The green complex has three distinct areas; the right, left, and rear, sloping from back to front. Golfers choosing the right club and finding the proper landing area will have a makeable birdie putt.
Hole #5  Par 4  365 yards
The shortest par four on the golf course will test a player's course management and strategy. Golfers may play aggressively and attempt to reach the green with a long and accurate drive, or play conservatively placing the tee shot 150 yards from the green. The fairway narrows as it doglegs to the right around one of the courses large lakes with bunkers protecting the left-hand side. The two-tiered green has an opening in the front to allow for a run-up shot, but has bunkers on the left and right, sloping from the left to the right, requiring an approach shot that is placed to the right of the hole for the best chance at birdie.
Hole #6  Par 5  540 yards
The par five sixth hole allows a golfer to play conservatively from the teeing area to the open, left-hand side of the fairway, or take an aggressive line down the right-hand side to shorten the hole, allowing a chance to reach the green in two. Golfers laying back on their second shot have ample fairway on the left to play their approach. The approach from this area may be rolled onto the green because the approach is flush with the green surface. The aggressive golfer may play directly at this peninsula green. The player is faced with carrying the cluster of deep bunkers fronting the green and a cavernoue bunker on the left-hand side of the putting surface. This shot may be rolled onto the green as the approach area slopes from left to right.
Hole #7  Par 3  170 yards
The shortest hole at Olde Kinderhook is a seductive par three nestled amoung a forest of tall trees. The green on this hole is the shallowest on the golf course and runs perpendicular to the line of play. It is protected by two deep bunkers in the front, an expansive bunker on the left, and a bunker over the green. Club selection here requires the golfer accurately judge the often swirling winds.
Hole #8  Par 4  440 yards
This long par four provides the golfer plentiful space to drive the golf ball, as the hole requires a long tee ball that avoids the fairway bunker on the left. A creek that meanders its way around the green complex makes carrying the ball onto the green a necessity. The most expansive green complex on the golf course has one trecherous bunker on the right-hand side, and a closely mown collection area to the left and behind the green. The green itself is separated into four distinct areas; a bowl in the middle, and plateaus on the left, right, and in the rear. Golfers must find the proper plateau with their approach; otherwise a two putt will be a memorable challenge.
Hole #9  Par 4  462 yards
The ninth is a longish par four, cathedral hole that begins with an uphill tee shot that must be placed between the bunkers on the right and left-hand side of the fairway. A golfer is offered different options when approaching this green, as the front of the green is open with a ramp on the right-side that may be utilized to roll the ball onto the putting surface. This green's length from the back to the front may mask the amount of slope, but don't be fooled, as golf balls that are past the flag will gain speed as they roll to the front of the green.